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Morgan Report Video: How Is Biden Compounding The Problem?

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EDITOR NOTE: The title of this video asks how Biden is compounding our current economic woes. It sounds like a figurative statement, but in this case, the presenter explores “compounding” in a literal sense--as in “compound interest.” Our national debt is at $28 trillion and rising. It’s a debt whose compound interest is surging at such a velocity that it’s virtually unpayable. Yet the government still requires more cash...either to build or burn. So, it has the Federal Reverse print even more money to finance even more spending. In the meantime, compound interest increases the size of payments to be made, plunging us into a debt cycle that requires ever-increasing amounts of money. There is no debt whose compound interest can survive on such a perpetual and exponential basis. Even hyperinflation has a terminal point. But with its end comes after a drastic period of social and economic misery and destruction. And at the rate we’re going, it isn’t unreasonable for any American to ask how long it’ll take for us to breach the pain threshold toward the intermittent numbness of socioeconomic necrosis.

Originally posted on Morgan Report News

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