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Most Voters Oppose Great Reset Initiative In Recent Survey

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EDITOR NOTE: Not surprisingly, a large majority of Americans oppose the notion of the The Great (Globalist) Reset (according to a recent survey). There’s a very thin line separating global policy coordination and the creation of a humongous bureaucratic mess attempting to function as a new world order. You can’t scale the universal to the local, similar to how you can’t judge an individual according to general cultural characteristics (as in “you people are all…” get the picture). Going a step further, it's not America’s responsibility to solve the local economic problems of a given region in a foreign country; nor is it their responsibility to do the same to us. Rather than celebrating localism and diversity, globalism creates a “functional” and bureaucratic monoculture, which doesn’t work. If it's taking the best of ideas and practices from various countries, the way it’ll mash these things together may be similar to a product with which we’re all familiar: processed Spam.

A survey by Rasmussen Reporters and The Heartland Institute reveals that about 53 percent of likely voters who have heard of the Great Reset oppose its mission to further integrate nations’ economies, globalize American industries, and bind U.S. citizens to international climate rules.

A minority of likely voters, 42 percent, who have heard of the Great Reset said they support its goals, while four percent said they were not sure. Whether likely voters support or oppose the Great Reset is largely based on their political affiliation, the survey found.

For instance, 76 percent of Republicans said they do not support the Great Reset, whereas 72 percent of Democrats said they do support the initiative. Swing voters, though, by a majority, oppose the Great Reset.

“As the Rasmussen/Heartland poll shows, a majority of likely American voters reject the left’s calls for increased globalism,” the Heartland Institute’s Chris Talgo said in a statement. It continued:

“Americans understand that national sovereignty is superior to global governance. Further, according to the data, Americans are wary, as they should be, about the World Economic Forum’s anti-capitalist Great Reset movement. Apparently, Americans are well-aware that globalism is not the answer to U.S. policy issues.”

On questions of how involved unaccountable, international organizations should be in U.S. domestic policy, such as income inequality, climate change, and regulations, Americans are either split or largely opposed to such efforts.

For example, nearly 6-in-10 likely voters said international organizations should not be influential in creating regulations that impact U.S. businesses. On climate change and income inequality, though, likely voters are split almost down the middle on international organizations having a role in influencing U.S. policies around these issues.

Also notable, the survey found that likely voters are most likely to say that the highest priority of businesses in the U.S. should be either providing high-quality, low-priced goods to consumers or providing good benefits and salaries to their workers.

A plurality, 44 percent, said U.S. businesses should put their customers first with quality products, while 27 percent said U.S. businesses’ workers should come first, offering competitive wages and benefits.

A small minority of 13 percent take the corporatist view that U.S. businesses’ highest priority should be to benefit their shareholders and owners with large profit margins. Just six percent said climate change should be the highest priority and even less, three percent, said social justice causes should be the highest priority.

According to Breitbart News’s James Delingpole, global bureaucrats — including John Kerry, whom President-elect Joe Biden has picked to be his “climate czar” — are looking to use the Chinese coronavirus crisis to form a “New World Order” under the Great Reset’s mission to abolish money, private property, and nation-state democracy.

At a World Economic Forum event last month, Kerry championed the Great Reset, calling it “more important than ever before.”

“President-elect Joe Biden and his choice for ‘climate czar,’ John Kerry, have already embraced the Great Reset agenda, in complete contradiction to the desires of the American people,” the Heartland Institute’s Justin Haskins said in a statement. “If they follow through with their plan to push the United States toward the Great Reset, they will almost certainly pay for it during the 2022 mid-term elections.”

Originally posted by Breitbart

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