How Governments and Central Banks Can Easily Destroy World Markets

Why is it that the US stock market has been soaring while US economic growth, productivity, and wages have been sinking to all-time lows? In the last 10 years, our GDP growth has sunk to 1.33%, the same number seen during the Depression years of 1930-1939. Productivity growth from 2011-2015 shows a 4% annual growth […]

Trump’s Plan to Drain Infrastructure Swamp

Government infrastructure programs are highly problematic: they often build what they cannot adequately maintain…and they take away jobs from the private sector. In order to build infrastructure, government needs to tax, borrow, or print money  (the last point, printing money, is tantamount to a tax without a tax). And what happens when an infrastructure program […]

The US Dollar Now Symbolizes the Death of American Freedom

There was a time when the consumer was considered sovereign and the dollar helped actualize the freedom that came with that sovereignty. The American individual had the choice to save, spend, and invest with cash that was not subject to the schemes and manipulations of governing institutions. And cash was the means by which individuals […]

Government Control via Bitcoin Technology

Regardless of its well-intentioned origins, the policies that have evolved into the war on cash, as we now know it, has become nothing short of a government assault on privacy and freedom. This war has escalated–opening up a new front in the digital realm. And this new front is far more dangerous…as the boundaries of […]

Chinese Gold Holdings Swell

At the time of this writing, Comex Gold ended the day at $1,287.80, hovering at its six-month highs and showing signs of a strong uptrend. Comex Silver closed at $17.58, continuing its four-week rise, and well above its six-month low of $15.94. Already the world’s biggest gold market, China is loading up on even more […]