The “Cons” of Annuities and How to Get Out of Them

“Annuities are not bought, they’re sold.” Anyone who has seriously considered a wide range of investment options have come across this tagline. And surely, you’ve heard the counter-slogan “There are no bad investment products, just bad uses for them.” When you ask your brokerage firm, bank, or insurance company for reasons why an annuity might […]

The “Real” Fake News Surrounding Charlottesville

The tragically violent events resulting in three deaths during the Charlottesville rally last week brought the nation face to face with its own conceptions of identity and history. It’s been almost a week since the rally, and media is still saturated with contentious debates on who was right, who was wrong, and who was to […]

The Labor Market is Much Worse Than You Think

There’s a peculiar thing about numbers that people often tend to miss… First off, numbers don’t lie, assuming that they have been calculated without error. Numbers are designed to present a quantitative perspective of a things; a particular state of reality transformed through a numerical lens. And that’s exactly what people tend to miss: people […]

The Perfect Storm to Buy Gold Has Arrived!

Two forces–geopolitical risk and seasonal factors–have converged to make Gold a compelling buy for the next few weeks. Geopolitical Risk We witnessed the surge in gold following Trump’s “fire and fury” statement, triggering a war of words between the US and North Korea. The probability of an actual war with the rogue state is still […]

North Korean Threats Launch Gold and Silver

Last Tuesday, President Trump drew what he thought might have been an “uncrossable” red line, pledging to respond with “fire and fury” should North Korea continue to threaten the United States. It took less than an hour for North Korea to cross that line, with its leader, Kim Jong Un, upping the ante by threatening […]