Money Print

The Trillion Dollar Deficit is Growing…and Fast

Did you hear last month’s report on the US deficit? It jumped to $215 Billion. To put this into context, this figure marks the most massive deficit measured in February since 2012. If you’re wondering why “February” is such a big deal, it’s because February is typically not a good month for the US government’s […]

Trade War

Trump’s Steel Tariffs An Economic Preparation for “Real” War?

Trump’s steel tariffs have been dominating the headlines, much of the coverage negative, its criticisms focused not only on its potential damage to the economy but at Trump’s alleged “incompetence” as an economic leader. Trump has been called a financial illiterate; a person who not only lacks an understanding of economic history (even recent history […]

economic war

Here’s What a Full-On Global Trade War Might Look Like

The good news is that the tariff on steel and aluminum imports might be rather small in the big scheme of things, applied to goods that comprise only 1.8% of total U.S. imports and raising the average US import tariff to 0.3%. And although it may affect a number of our trading partners and allies, […]

MegaBanks Becoming More Too Big To Fail…

The information we’re about to present isn’t making front-page news, but that doesn’t take away from its importance. Subtle developments between government and the banking industry don’t always make the headlines. But their consequences can be widespread, and potentially be threatening to the wealth and investments of the average American. Much of the language surrounding […]