“Money is Gold, Nothing Else” (John Pierpont Morgan)

In 1912, as J.P. Morgan testified before Congress with regard to the Panic of 1907, a famous verbal exchange took place between Morgan and congressional staff attorney Samuel Untermyer. For those of you who are not familiar with the dialogue, here’s how it played out: Untermyer: I want to ask you a few questions bearing […]

Six Forces Driving Gold Higher

Thinking twice about whether gold might be the right investment? Take a look at what’s going on in the world, and pay attention to the global economic and geopolitical trends. Here are six things happening now that might help you decide. ONE – INTEREST RATES ARE ON THE RISE: The interest on the US national […]

How Can Americans Not See This Hidden Tax?

You’ll hardly find any Americans thrilled about paying a tax bill. You’ll probably find lots of Americans who are worried about the national debt. But you won’t find many Americans who can make the connection between the national debt and their tax bill–that both are virtually the same thing.  To most Americans, the ballooning of […]

Currency Wars: Countries Reduce Dollar Dependence

There is an alarming trend in which more and more countries are seeking to gain independence from the US dollar. Here’s what’s been happening lately: Last week, Iran announced its plans to adopt the euro in place of the dollar as its main currency for international exchange. A few months ago, Venezuela attempted to launch […]

Turkey Repatriates $25 Billion Worth of Gold from the U.S. Federal Reserve

Here’s a piece of underreported news that will have a major impact on gold investors. Over the last few weeks, Turkey had repatriated a total of 220 tons of gold from the US Federal Reserve back into Turkey. Trend.az, an Azerbaijan news service, reported that the Turkish government repatriated 220 tons (worth $25.3 Billion) from […]