Why Gold is Still the World’s Number One Currency

Everyone may be obsessed with the “new,” but almost everything they do relies on the “old” and time-tested. There’s a word for this: “neomania.” People have a tendency to assume that new is better; often mistaking fashionable trends with innovation. Do new things replace the old? Sometimes, yes. But if you look around, you’ll notice […]

The US Dollar Just Might Sink on Trump’s Watch

A three-decade hidden bull market is at its terminal stage… Something remarkable happened in the bond markets last Wednesday. Did you see it? The jittery market actions indicated a genuine sense of fear; one that overtook a large majority of bond traders and investors. They may be bracing themselves for the reversal of a hidden […]

Chinese Media Certain of US/North Korean War by March 2018

Most of us Americans are focused on news regarding current events: the Fed, stock bull or bubble, gold, Bitcoin, etc. We look for potential surprises in areas that are most familiar to us. And when we do find them, we tend to respond in familiar ways–we normalize them. For instance, we are all aware of […]

Why We Need Gold and Bitcoin

In today’s digital age, we live in two worlds: the physical world and the virtual world. The virtual world cannot exist without the physical world (power outages will attest to this). But we cannot exist in today’s physical world without the virtual world (digital technology has embedded itself into every aspect of life from personal […]

The Fed’s New inflation Measure Might be Closer to Reality

If inflation is “low” why are the prices of things so “high”? Like most Americans, one thing that you probably can’t understand is how the price of goods—from basic household items to stocks and real estate—can be so high while the Fed keeps saying that inflation is “low.” The answer is simple: The Fed measures […]