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Normal Is Never Coming Back

new normal

EDITOR'S NOTE: The first casualty of war is TRUTH. The first casualty of a pandemic is REASON.  Fear has an uncanny way of making humans act and behave so completely irrationally it should be classified as a mental disorder.  Stand firm friends, never let go of the freedom and liberty which was purchased for you by the blood of patriots and tyrants. Stand firm against the insanity and irrational decisions of others and try, if you can, to help them see reason, truth and common sense.

Americans Must Remember Who The Tyrannical Dictators In America Were During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has shown to have a very unusual side effect in those that have never been infected, and while I am not a doctor and am not qualified to actually diagnose mental health issues, this "side effect" in the healthy presents as brain damage.

It isn't only the food shortage issue, or the state lockdowns and refusal of some states to lift their stay-at-home orders until some arbitrary date with no explanation of why certain dates were chosen, that has created a "new normal" which is very ugly in terms of constitutional freedoms and civil liberties, but the states' over-reach, threats, stupid-as-a-stump decisions, shows exactly how tyrannical some of our elected officials are deep down inside. 

Case in point: Conservative activist Ben Shapiro, took to social media to describe something that was witnessed and filmed by a friend of his in California:

First tweet: "A friend of mine took his family to the beach in Oxnard today. Yes, they were socially distancing. About thirty feet away, the police proceeded to tell a 93-year-old couple -- sitting away from people on beach chairs -- that they could sit on the sand but not on the chairs."

Second: "The reason? Apparently, the police have been informed that it's okay to swim or walk or sit in "temporary fashion," but chairs represent permanence. Even for 93-year-olds. Because everyone is an idiot."

Third: "I'll play the video on the show tomorrow. Because this is just asinine. Americans are, by and large, being smart and reasonable. A lot of the authorities aren't."

Readers can see the rest of that thread over at Twitchy, but that is just one example offering evidence that people, especially state officials and law enforcement, have apparently lost their freaking minds, and ample proof that common sense is no longer very common.


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