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Pay Attention! Billionaires are Offloading Stock by Trillions

Offloading Stock
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EDITOR NOTE: In the world of retail investing, you often hear references to the “smart money”--the seasoned investors and financial pros who are able to make wise and independent decisions ahead of the mainstream crowd. Among that crowd, you also have the “big money”--less frequently discussed. These are the billionaires and C-level executives who have enough stake in the stock market to collectively move it with their purchases or sales. As with the smart money crowd, the big money--when they begin stampeding in a given direction or offloading stocks--it is something not to ignore. Right now, billions of dollars are exiting the stock market. We may be seeing the end of a 13-year overextended and enervated bull run. The main point: you’d better have a robust hedge if you want to protect your wealth. And going to cash won’t cut it, as that too is about to enter its own rapid bear plunge in value.

When the country's CEOs and billionaires start to head to the exits a little bit quicker than usual at the tail end of a 13 year bull market, it may be time to start paying attention.

That's what we found noteworthy about a recent Bloomberg piece, which noted that stock sales by some of the world's richest shareholders are "reaping a windfall", thanks to our current inflated equity markets, "to the tune of trillions".’s Jeff Bezos and Google co-founder Sergey Brin are just two of the well known names that have been offloading stock. They are joined by names like Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Ellison. 

We have covered Bezos' recent stock sales in this article. He has sold $6.7 billion in Amazon shares this year. Bezos still owns more than 10% of Amazon and remains the world's richest person, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire's Index. His worth comes in at about $191.3 billion. Bezos has hastened his stock sales over the last couple of years: he sold about $4.1 billion in stock last February and sold more than $3 billion in stock last November. 

Larry Ellison sold 7 million Oracle shares over the past week, netting him $552.3 million. Mark Zuckerberg and his charitable foundation have accelerated sales of stock since last fall. They have cumulatively dumped $1.87 billion in stock since last November. 

But, in sum, public company insiders have sold shares worth $24.4 billion this year through the first week of May, the report noted. About half of these sales have come through trading plans. The number is almost at a par with the $30 billion insiders sold in the second half of 2020. 

In addition to frothy valuations, Joe Biden's incoming tax hikes may have also propelled some of the ultra-rich to rethink holding on to their stock, the report speculates.

Thorne Perkin, president of Papamarkou Wellner Asset Management, said the sales could help the insiders diversify: “From a portfolio-management perspective, it makes sense to spread it around.”

Originally posted on ZeroHedge

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