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Peter Grandich Opinion: Financial Bubble to End All Bubbles?

End All Bubbles
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EDITOR NOTE: Is America about to undergo a decline so severe that it may take decades to recoup all the value lost? Are we, like Japan, going to see an even bigger share of consecutive “lost decades” following a financial bubble to end all bubbles? Market expert Peter Grandich of Peter Grandich & Company thinks so. Suppose he’s right. What of those approaching retirement in the next few decades? What are they fated to experience if they rely on fixed income, pensions, and stock dividends to pay for their retirement? As inflation ravages American purchasing power, raising the cost of living to unaffordable levels, what of those holding everything in cash? Grandich’s solution is pretty simple: holding on to cash with the intent to buy as assets crash and accumulating physical gold with the intent of preserving wealth and achieving financial growth. All other diversification solutions are seemingly doomed.

“I’m going to own more cash than anything else between now and the end of the year,” financial advisor and market commentator Peter Grandich of Peter Grandich & Company told David Lin, anchor for Kitco News.

Original post from Kitco News

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