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The Global Lock Down Explained - Digital Currency Is Coming

Digital Currency
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EDITOR NOTE: “If a few people want to control the many, the question is how can you herd all the sheep into the slaughterhouse without them realizing and resisting?” asks Catherine Austin Fitts, founder of investment advisory firm Solari. She’s describing the pandemic, what she calls an invisible enemy, likening it to the War on Terror, with “invisible terrorists.” And what’s the slaughterhouse? The new digital dollar that, according to Fitts, is a new transaction system that will mark the “end of currencies.” The old system isn’t ready to accommodate the new, and if the public truly understood what was happening, they would resist it--hence, the sheep and slaughterhouse metaphor. Look, there are many angles here, but one thing we agree on by principle is that the advance of the fiat system at the expense of physical cash will be disastrous for all Americans. If the Fed and government take full control of currency and private transactions, then the value of your money and your right to privacy in holding assets and making transactions will come to an end. What’s at stake here are two foundations of this country, namely freedom, sovereignty, and the underlying basis of economic wealth that supports it. Whether you agree with Fitts that the virus is an invisible "Magical" enemy conjured up by the state, that’s up to you. The real enemy is NOT invisible, and it's been advancing, with moves clearly “evident,” for several years now.



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