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Policymakers Need To Force Gold Price Higher And Other KWM News

Gold is Stabilizing
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EDITOR NOTE: If you take a look at the charts below, both showing the outrageous elevation of asset purchases by US and Canada central banks, you might wonder how the effects of such a condition can sustain itself without a major crash. With gold effectively out of the “system,” monetary policy has run amok. If you care about your wealth in the years to come, seriously consider apportioning some of your assets to gold now.

One of the great economic paradoxes of our time is that the policymakers behind our currency system were so successful in getting gold out of the system for so long that the system will now crash unless gold goes UP because most sovereigns will likely default under + real rates…


Otavio Costa:  Meanwhile in Canada…..The Bank of Canada is taking monetary stimulus to a whole new level recently (see below).

OWN GOLD: Insanity Reigns Supreme At Central Banks

Meanwhile In America

T. Bain:  As of Sept 17th the FED has increased M2 Money Stock by $3.08 Trillion during 2020. Over the last 21 months M2 has increased +27% to $18.58 Trillion. Q4 still to go (see below).

OWN GOLD: Insanity Reigns Supreme At Central Banks

Originally posted on King World News

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