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Political A-Listers Getting Tapped for $30 Trillion Green Boom

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EDITOR NOTE: US businesses are being forced by the government to accept and adopt green agenda policies by way of regulatory threat. Executive orders are in place to penalize companies who perpetuate the use of carbon-based energy--the main source of energy that’s been powering America and the rest of the world long before the left’s cultural takeover. If you violate the new “green” rules, not only will your company be limited in issuing new securities, banks will be prohibited from doing business with you. That’ll be enough to force you and every other company in America to comply. What’s happening here is nothing less than a virtual confiscation of “private property,” this time in the form of business operations. Green boom advocates don’t have enough political muscle to do this alone, so they’re enlisting allies among fellow politicians, business leaders, and other financial elites to force the pill of green conformity down the throats of American businesses who are even reasonably critical of this ideological intrusion on American freedom and finance.

One after another, the high-profile hires came in recent months, and in each case, they were handed some iteration of the same mandate: to help their new employers safeguard and grow their burgeoning green-finance businesses.

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