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Precious Metals and The War on Cash

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As negative interest rates become ubiquitous and the potential of a “war on cash” intensifies, savvy investors are starting to buy precious metals, if they haven’t already. Much debate and talk of a cashless society and other propaganda has citizens and investors alike making moves to protect their future.

Many believe that governments across the globe are leaning towards a digital currency so that all spending can be accessed and taxed with a few keystrokes and so that negative interest rates can be instilled. While some Americans finds this a dangerous prospect that all but obliterates privacy and takes transparency to new levels, others are paying little attention to the issue. Yet both camps and those with opinions somewhere in the middle are investigating their prospects for buying precious metals, such as gold and silver products.

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How would negative interest rates impact cash savings and investor portfolios? When real rates are negative, the value of gold products will most likely surge in comparison to other currencies. However, some worry that the Feds will move to cap the price of gold products with paper gold. If that were to happen, experts recommend withdrawing as much cash as possible and buying physical precious metals—and if many heed this advice, the value of gold will most definitely surge.

There are many reasons that precious metals such as gold and silver have endured as currencies for more than 5000 years. In the U.S. alone, the use of precious metals in both industry and the marketplace has been in place for several centuries. As the warnings of negative interest rates and an impending war on cash seem closer to becoming reality every day, investors can hedge their bets and protect themselves by investing in precious metals now so they will be less vulnerable to the potential manifestation of these warnings.

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