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IRA and 401k rollovers into physical precious metals have become a popular retirement solution for individuals. If you are considering investing in gold and silver for asset allocation and diversification, our investment management team can help you better understand the types of precious metals you should buy for a precious metals IRA, how to store physical gold and silver and even the maximum amount that you should invest in a precious metals IRA.

Having successfully placed more than $1 billion in commodities and precious metals transactions around the world, the GSI Exchange team has unparalleled experience in helping investors easily navigate the complex world of precious metals investing.

There are at least three advantages to a precious metals IRA:

  1. A Gold IRA and Silver IRA can help you safeguard your assets against a volatile stock market.
  2. It can protect against the declining value of the US dollar. Unlike the US dollar, Gold has gone up in value over tenfold in the past fifteen years.
  3. Unlike conventional IRAs and employer-sponsored 401(k)s, a Gold IRA or Silver IRA make it possible for investors to diversify their holdings, maximizing growth potential as the demands for gold and silver continue to rise.

There are two primary ways to store assets in a gold and silver IRA. A Vaulted Storage IRA allows you to store precious metals in a depository through your IRA Custodian. You can also consider a Physical Possession IRA, whereby you create a Limited Liability Company (LLC), open a bank account for the LLC, and then register with a depository. After completing these steps, you would then purchase, take delivery and store precious metals privately.

GSI Exchange Introduces Physical Possession IRA

In todays unstable economy, investors are aggressively seeking new ways to protect their nest-egg. As a result GSI Exchange now offers Physical Possession IRA, a legal way that YOU can control your retirement with a Gold IRA or Silver IRA, not your custodian.

Our Physical Possession IRA team properly structures and transfers your Qualified Retirement program allowing you to purchase and store precious metals with a Gold IRA or Silver IRA.

Invest Your Money Better!

Self-Directed IRA's were recognized as fully legal in the 1996 case of Swanson vs. Commissioner, 106 T.C.76 (1996), when the tax court court rejected attacks by the IRS giving its approval of a new IRA structure. The Physical Possession IRA plan, whether you choose a Gold IRA or Silver IRA, is a type of Self Directed IRA that, once in place, is much easier to invest through than traditional custodial accounts.

How Do I set up a Physical Possession IRA?

The primary goal of protecting ones long-term savings means it's crucial your Physical Possession IRA plan is structured properly. GSI Exchange 's experienced professionals and partners assist in staging the proper environment for you to control your IRA funds, free from typical custodian regulations. Depending on your personal income structure, our account executives will recommend either a Limited Liability Company or a Solo401k to control your retirement through. Once established, your funds are transferred into your custody with a wide array of possibilities for you to invest into, penalty free and tax free. Since the Limited Liability Company or Solo401k is a legal entity that you or your selected custodian controls, it's completely separate from you as the IRA owner.

This means that you as the non-compensated money manager can decide which qualifying precious metals are purchased with funding from your qualified retirement plan.

Who sets up all of this?

Once we have determined which plan is best for you, our Physical Possession IRA team member will outline plan of action. Requirements and fees vary from state to state, so it's important to have our experts explain all fees and reoccurring costs. We'll help you determine the most secure legal structure, complete all necessary paperwork and it's all done for an initial cost of $395.00 when we open your Physical Possession IRA plan.

Physical Possession is Simple & Hands-On

  • Once you're managing your IRA LLC or Solo401k's investments you eliminate many frivolous administrative fees.
  • When your LLC sells assets at a profit any gains are deferred through the IRA.
  • You now have the freedom to invest your money in a wider range of assets including but not limited to Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium coins.

Our Physical Possession IRA plan includes

  • Quick and Easy LLC set-up
  • Articles of Incorporation filed
  • EIN filing with the IRS
  • Transfer money to your Physical Possession IRA
  • Operating Guide and Binder Overnighted
  • Assistance setting up your LLC checking account
  • Free shipping of Precious Metals to your desired location.