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Gold Great Britain “Rose Crown” Guinea 1/4 oz. MS-69 2018

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  • Contains 1/4 oz. of .9999 fine gold.
  • PCGS/NGC encapsulation protects and guarantees the coin’s MS-69 condition.
  • Obverse: Includes the effigy of HM Queen Elizabeth II designed by renowned sculptor Raphael Maklouf,
  • Reverse: Issued by the treasury of St. Helena the coin recreates the reverse design found on the historic rose crown shield guinea.
  • Sovereign backed legal tender bearing a £25 face value.


The oldest coin in the world is now available for placement in your IRA!

The government and treasury of St. Helena have launched their first gold bullion coin which has been specially commissioned by the East India Company (a long-term and historic trading partner with St. Helena) and especially marketed for the investment-bullion market. The new, 2018-dated coins bearing this specific design and the legacy denomination of one guinea are being issued for the first time in over 350 years after its initial release.

The “rose crown shield” guinea was first issued in 1727 as a tribute to the original coins released during the reign of King George II. It derives its name from the elaborately decorated crowned shield of the royal arms, which was commonly compared to an open rose. The shield itself is divided into four quarters and depicts representations of the kingdoms of England (and Wales), Hannover, France, and Ireland. The shield, or crest, denoted that aside from being king of England, Scotland, and Ireland—with the titular claim to the throne of France—George II was also Duke of the Electorate of Brunswick-Lüneburg. The latter was the ancestral homeland of the new Hanoverian Dynasty, which inherited the English throne upon the death of Queen Anne in 1714. The distinctive and intricately detailed design remained in use well into the reign of King George’s grandson and successor, King George III.

This limited mintage coin has roughly 10,000 coins struck and is IRA Acceptable. 


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