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Quiz: Are You Able To Spot A Bank Scam?

Bank Scam
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EDITOR NOTE: Spotting the risks and disadvantages that banks legally impose upon you as a depositor is not an easy thing to uncover. But if you can’t even spot an illegal bank scam--as in, a scam coming from criminals posing as banks--then you’ve got twice the challenges ahead. Fortunately, such scams can easily be spotted once you understand a few basics. And the basics are discussed in this article. Not sure you can tell the difference between real or fake bank messages? Take the quiz and find out.

Think you could spot a banking scam? Don't be so sure. Thousands of people are falling for fake phone calls, texts and emails that appear to come from their bank.

Now, the nation's banks are rolling out a new tool help you spot a scam.

"I got a phone call from my bank, and I knew it was my bank because I recognized their phone number," said Sarah R.

Her bank's number showed on her Caller ID.

But it wasn't really her bank. It was a scammer, who drained Sarah's checking account within minutes of her confirming her account number.

In September, Corinthia W. fell for a slick email claiming there was a problem with her account.

"It said $499 was going to be withdrawn from my account," she said.

But it was really a phishing scam. Before she knew it, Corinthia had given the scammer access to her account and was out $1,600.

Banks post new tool to their websites

The American Bankers Association wants to stop this growing fraud with a new tool that banks across the country are adding to their websites and apps.

Click the icon, and it will take you to a quiz with some questions that just might stump you.

The website — — tests if you can outsmart online scammers.

For instance, would your bank text you: "Your card has been deactivated. Reply immediately with your PIN to reactivate it."

No, they never would.

Would they call and ask you to verify your birthday and Social Security number for security reasons?

No, they never would.

Would they text you an access code to verify your identity so you can log in?

Yes, they would do that, and nowadays often do for your safety.

The quiz has many trick questions, but it'll help you avoid the scams that fooled Sarah, Corinthia and too many other people.

"She said all the right things," Sarah said of the scammer. "She got my account information from me."

You'll find this quiz on the website of most major banks, or you can head directly to it at, so you don't waste your money.

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