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Revival For Gold and Silver Is Ready To Take Off

Five Factors
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EDITOR NOTE: The inverse movement of precious metals against the greenback resumes with metals gaining the upper hand over the paper in the equation. Not only is gold and silver rising as the dollar resumes its longer-term downtrend, it appears that both metals have also outperformed bitcoin in percentage terms (as hard as it might be to believe). The author below flippantly speaks of diversification. He’s actually right on, but we think that the more appropriate term--also starting with the letter “D”--is a “de-dollarize.” It’s what a growing number of central banks and investors around the world are doing. Including America’s so-called “smart money.”

Its a revival for Gold and Silver!

Gold and silver are staging a revival with the decline in the US Dollar since the end of March.

When we include Bitcoin (pink line), we see that gold and silver have increased in price more than Bitcoin (red trend line).


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