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Royal Canadian Mint Halts Production On Gold Raises Premiums On Silver

Royal Canadian Mint
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EDITOR NOTE: The Royal Canadian Mint has halted the production of its fractional “Maple Leaf'' coins due to a shortage in gold supply. And although its silver coin production remains operational, a shortage in physical silver has prompted the Mint to raise premiums on its non-CUSIP inventory to make way for the CUSIP tracked Maple Leaf. Non-CUSIP coin demand continues to rise amid a massive inventory depletion. As a result, the surge in non-CUSIP prices has caused a significant divergence between physical metals and their paper derivative counterparts. Non-CUSIP gold and silver coins are disappearing fast as premiums continue to rise. This means that now is the most opportune time to buy non-CUSIP gold and silver before inventories are completely sold out. Review the letter from the RCM below.


Availability of Fractional Gold Bullion Coins by Anthony Allen Anderson on Scribd

RCM Silver Surcharge by Anthony Allen Anderson on Scribd

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