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Shocking Data Proves Inflation is not Transitory

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EDITOR NOTE: Investor and entrepreneur George Gammon breaks down all the signs that show why consumer price inflation is not transitory like Jerome Powell and the Fed want you to believe. His video points out all the reasons inflation is likely here to stay. When the stock market and the housing market crashed in 2008, the numbers around unemployment, mortgage delinquency, and GDP were bad. In 2021, these numbers are much worse. The economy is “wildly distorted, extremely unhealthy, and structurally unsound.” The unsustainable actions from the central planners between 2008 and the pandemic are coming to a head, and no amount of money printing will be able to keep it going. All this data adds up to the fact that the prices for things we buy seems like it will keep going up and up in the long run.

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Originally posted on George Gammon

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