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Summary of Silver, Food Prices and the Russia and China Duo

Could Escalate
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EDITOR NOTE: The post you’re about to read may come off at first as a hodgepodge of information but it reflects the domestic and geopolitical complexities that, in today’s media, are treated separately, despite stemming from the same issue, which is the outcome of violating “sound money” principles. Food prices are skyrocketing. Silver is about to challenge its $28 an ounce resistance level. The use of paper gold to suppress physical gold prices is coming to an end, courtesy of Basel III. Physical gold, once again, will be recognized as a Tier 1 asset. Russia and China have been accumulating gold to potentially back their currencies in order to dethrone the US dollar’s reserve currency status. The constant here is precious metals. Everything centers on them, particularly gold. And everything that’s going wrong is an outcome of suppressing their monetary status and use. In short, gold and silver prices are going to rise significantly as global demand ramps up amid the brewing monetary maelstrom.

Here is a look at silver, skyrocketing food prices, plus an email from a KWN reader about multi-billionaire Hugo Salinas Price, the BIS, Putin & China.

June 1 (King World News) – 
James Turk:  Powerful silver chart, ready to attack $28 again this week. Silver keeps absorbing short selling thrown at it. Note the 30k increase in Open Interest which is 150m oz, $3.9 billion at $26 average. Who keeps selling short an undervalued asset in a bull market other than governments and central banks trying to cap price?

Silver Is Preparing To Launch

Russia and China

Skyrocketing Food Prices
Dean Christians:  Food prices have been surging of late. The last time they were this high on a y/y basis in 2011, emerging market stocks struggled.

Food Prices Continue To Soar!

Russia and China

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