Central Banks’ Secret Agenda to Suppress Gold

Central Banks’ Secret Agenda to Suppress Gold

Many investors accept the idea that gold is a reliable store of value. They might not be able to explain precisely why it’s so valued; they may not understand its history of monetary function, but most will tell you that gold is a “safe haven.” The problem is that many of the same people who […]

US Market Tightening

America Here’s a Taste of “Market Tightening”

The market slide is  a clear sign of  US Market Tightening and although it may have hurt a lot of investors, the decline itself is rather small when viewed from a big-picture perspective. In other words, these declines might not be signalling the end of the party yet. Or again, it just might. Regardless of […]

Gold CUSIP Digital

Gold is Going Digital — Here’s How To Resist

We believe in the integrity of sound money, of holding tangible assets that are free from the manipulations and degradations caused by governments and central banks. Furthermore, we believe in the right to privacy when it comes to our personal wealth and transactions. And for these very reasons, we hold gold and silver. But there […]

Retirement Theft

Vanguard Founder Admits 70% of IRA’s Are Stolen

Jack Bogle, founder of The Vanguard Group, openly admits that the entire retirement industry has been rigged against its customers. Bogle has been criticizing the retirement industry for years; more recently in interviews with Frontline and PBS. His message is clear: up to 70% of retiree’s market returns eventually go into the pockets of Wall […]

When Bull Markets End | Historic Results

Should our current bull run sustain itself, it will soon shift from record-setting to record-shattering. The longest S&P bull market lasted 117 months (March 1991 – October 2000). Our current bull market, which started in March of 2009, is approaching its 107th month. It’s little surprise that institutional soothsayers, the latest one being Morgan Stanley, […]