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TDAmeritrade Video: Should You Prepare for Inflation?

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EDITOR NOTE: The video you’re about to watch provides a clear definition of inflation and a clear explanation of the factors that historically have caused inflation to rise. It explains what’s happening with prices today, as they’re certainly rising across the board. Granted, this is a TDAmeritrade video. Their interest is to keep customers trading the products they offer--namely, equities and some futures. None of those can protect you from inflation the same way physical gold and silver can. But we know that. The question the video poses is whether you should “prepare” for inflation. Think about it in this way: don’t wait for that first car crash to begin wearing a seat belt. Don’t wait until you’re diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes before you change your diet or begin exercising. Always wear a proverbial safety belt, and always maintain a balance to your financial health--diversified return sources are your portfolio’s proverbial “nutrients.” If you hold equities and bonds, be sure you’re liquid with some cash and don't’ forget to hedge all three with gold and silver. In this way, you hedge a downturn with something that’s likely to rise. And all sources, as long as you’re invested in things that won’t go belly up, will rise further than they’ll fall over time.

Record fiscal stimulus and a dovish Fed has increased the U.S. money supply to unheard-of levels. This has many investors not just concerned about inflation but also hyperinflation. Should you be concerned? Learn why inflation can be a problem, whether hyperinflation is likely, and some considerations for preparing your portfolio.

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