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Does Trump Want Uranium or Gold From The Grand Canyon?

Trump Grand Canyon
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As President Trump looks to start mining the Grand Canyon for "Uranium," we are reminded of the real riches to be unearthed in the Grand Canyon. Is this a step towards moving our nation towards a new gold standard? 

I have heard customers say, "We don't have any gold in Fort Knox." Well, what about, in the earth, in National Monuments all around the USA? Vast deposits of gold that we couldn't explore in the past because it would upset the system of elitists that depend on the Federal Reserve system. 

We know that Trump's Fed Nominee Judy Shelton has stated several times in the past, lets put gold back into our Dollar! Is his opening of the Grand Canyon to exploration a step towards unearthing the US's Vast Riches? 

Read this snapshot of 1912's New York Times article that details how much gold is actually locked-up: 


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