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The Narrative Changes As Gold Is Outperforming Bitcoin

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EDITOR'S NOTE: There are many reasons behind Bitcoin’s exceptional rise from 2020 to 2021. Maybe it has something to do with halving (every four years) in relation to its hard coin limit. Perhaps it had something to do with QE which, at the time, seemed an endless erosive exercise. It likely had something to do with the notion that it would help preserve value in the wake of runaway inflation. Bitcoin was the enfant terrible (bad boy) of the financial world. But in all instances, it somehow failed to bear fruit, so to speak, in the way that most people expected. Not only did Bitcoin fail to hedge against the dollar, let alone take it over, but its adoption rate as a currency also isn't on the table. While Bitcoin fell 44% from its all-time high, gold may only be up a mere 6%, but it outperformed equities anywhere from 25% to 80%. As the article comes to show, it’s all about net relative performance.

Gold is finally outperforming the way one would imagine. It's not always about the absolute performance as it is about the relative performance.

At the time of publication, Maleeha Bengali had no position in the securities mentioned.
Originally posted on Real Money.
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