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Unions Slam Trump's Order To Keep Meat Plants Open

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Why would the Unions NOT want their workers working to produce food for the nation ( seriously, ask yourself these critical questions: Why, Cui Bono, For What Purpose, What is the End Goal, etc).  This stance is a ridiculous as the Doctors and Nurses Union wanting to keep hospitals closed - because they might get sick. Keeping this nation fed is one of the MOST critical and essential industries - period. IF the Union folks don't like it and don't want to work - fine, they can picket all they want in this free country of ours ... there are MILLIONS of people across America that would love to take one of those jobs right now.


President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday that compels slaughterhouses to remain open, setting up a showdown between the giant companies that produce America’s meat and the unions and activists who want to protect workers in a pandemic.

Meat processing plants around the U.S. have shut down because of the coronavirus, but Trump said in the order that “such closures threaten the continued functioning of the national meat and poultry supply chain, undermining critical infrastructure during the national emergency.”

Using the Defense Production Act, Trump is ordering plants to stay open as part of the critical infrastructure needed to keep people fed amid growing supply disruptions from the coronavirus outbreak. The government will provide additional protective gear for employees as well as guidance.

The move came just days after Tyson Foods Inc., the biggest U.S. meat processor, ran paid ads in national newspapers stating that the food supply chain was “broken.”

A handful of companies account for the majority of the nation’s meat, and as workers fell sick in March, plants initially continued to run. But pressure from local health officials and unions led to voluntary closures.

Companies have been pressing to reopen. The president himself has long agitated for Americans to return to work and restore an economy crippled by social distancing measures.


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