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United Nations Announces Biometric Digital Wallet

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EDITOR NOTE: Maybe this is where it begins. Biometric ID technology as the first step toward a greater and more centralized “transhumanism.” It’s the stuff of dystopian science fiction rolled out minus the “fiction” part and saturated with artificial sunshine. The United Nations took the bold step of adopting this new technology. Combine biometric identification with blockchain, AI, 5G, and centralization--and what do you get? Hyper-surveillance and “control” of individuals--their movements and their data. Not so much transhumanity but its reduction. Who has the right to be at the viewing end of this panoptical lens? Good question. 

Recently, the United Nations had some big announcements that went largely unnoticed, including the rollout of a biometric digital wallet and an announcement that one of its specialized agencies The International Civil Aviation Organization is one step closer to a internationally recognized digital travel credential.

As reported by Biometric Update, this particular UN biometric digital wallet is intended for UN employees and it can be used for data related to human resources, medical status, travel, payroll and pensions.

I hope you see where this is going, every aspect of our lives will be centralized digitally using biometrics and in many cases the blockchain, AI and 5G.

I can’t help but to raise the question, what kind of social controls could this possibly provide the technocrats if people decide not to obey certain restrictions or requirements?

Example: If you didn’t get your latest shot, individuals may face travel restrictions. Or, you may not be able go to work, or your payments may be frozen until you comply.

They may not have to mandate anything if they can ‘encourage’ you to obey.

Originally posted on Activist Post

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