US Expose


Under current law, If your bank is failing and
the U.S. government fails to bail them out, under a mandate titled
“Adequacy of Loss-Absorbing Capacity…”,
approved by the G20 in November 2014, they can take your money and convert it into shares of equity. These laws exist and the public has no idea that access to their money can be confiscated as a big-bank “bail-in” to save U.S. banks from closing. Learn how to protect yourself from the next financial meltdown before it’s too late! Your termed assets such as; CD’s, Money-Market’s, Annuities, IRA’s and Savings accounts are seemingly at risk!


Since the Obama Administrations insertion of the Dodd Frank law the banking system has grown increasingly dangerous for depositors. There has been a rising number of banks that are eliminating cash withdrawals by clients without filing Suspicious Activity Reports, notifying the IRS and the Justice Department. This is a concerning revelation considering the global economy appears to be backsliding into recession territory. Another Bank failure could mean the U.S. Government turns to its lender of last resort
“Your Bank Deposits”.

Don’t let the banks make you the lender of last resort… and the last to be paid back.



Learn how thousands of happy investors are protecting themselves from the banking system with Gold and Silver that can’t be toted away by the Government with the push of a button.



Raiza C.

GSI exchange was recommended to me by a friend as I’ve been looking to work on my finances for a while now. It’s hard to find someone you can trust with your money and this company takes that worry off! I’m grateful to find someone who can handle my investments and have the ease of knowing I’m in good hands.

They give great service and really pay attention to detail. I rolled over my old employer’s 401k into a silver IRA that I held with Dave Stephens. Again, I was hesitant at first but assured me that he’d connect me with all the right people to make sure I didn’t get hit with taxes or penalties. I’m so glad I took the risk! He keeps me
constantly updated on the value of my coins and is a tremendous asset. I’m excited he’s on my team to make my money grow!

Thanks Dave and GSI Exchange!!!

Patricia I. 

My husband and I were very nervous about selling some of our precious metals. We had a few bad experiences with Gold Brokers a few years ago. Dwight James and Anthony Anderson made us very comfortable and handled everything from beginning to the end. We felt like we could them at any time and get our questions answered honestly. GSI is a rare find and we are very greafull we found them to guide us through these type of transactions. 

Ron F.

I have worked with Anthony Allen Anderson of GSI Exchange for several years. His knowledge of the precious metals marked is extensive. He is willing and able to give good advice regarding many aspects of this business. He has been quick to help when challenges with my account arose. I have worked with him and GSI Exchange since its inception. He recently guided me to the Delaware Depository and walked me through the initiation of an account and shipment of my precious metals for storage in that facility. I can recommend both Anthony Allen Anderson and GSI Exchange highly.

Beverly C

GSI Exchange is the best! I had such a positive experience with GSI, and they were there every step of the way. They called me multiple times, giving me tracking numbers, following up to see if I received my purchase and congratulating me. My purchase arrived exactly on the day they said it would and exactly as ordered. I received it very quickly – within a few days – rather than a few weeks. The bank was very reluctant to do a wire transfer and gave me a difficult time. GSI Exchange was there to help me through this difficulty and even called my bank to help me out. I will definitely be doing business with GSI again. I am looking forward to it. 

E A Macsurak

Met Anthony A Anderson awhile back when I was looking for help to understand the precious metals flow, Anthony gave sound outlook information on the market & as he has grown in his career I followed him because I trust his judgment & found it to be a wise move on my part. He has always been true to his word & kept me informed on the issues that are important to my ways & needs. Thank you Anthony! Keep up the good work at GSI Exchange…

Terri T.

Anthony Anderson lives up to his triple A initials, as well as the name Flash Gordon, as he is fondly referred to around our household. Our first transaction approx. 2 yrs. ago was just that, our first! My husband and I spoke to a couple of different advisors and immediately knew Anthony was our guy! He is very knowledgable and has up to the minute details re: market changes. He listens and provides honest advice. He is very patient. He genuinely eased our anxiety at every turn. Now, 2 yrs. later he does not disappoint! He has demonstrated that GSI lives up to their promises! If you are considering investing in metals for the first time or you are very familiar with the market, I hope you speak with him before making a final decision with someone else. He will return your calls and messages amazingly fast…..Flash Gordon fast!

Dr. Paul D.

I am grateful to have been a success in my career as a physician. It has been obtained by maintaining my oath between myself and a patient. They have trusted me with an asset that I could not place a price on… their lives. I have also learned that material items are easily obtainable (money / coins / gems). What I cannot buy is integrity / honesty / loyalty. These are the values that I fortunately “stumbled” upon when I first contacted Anthony years ago. He has earned my trust / respect. I was very lucky. Hopefully you will attain the same financial stability as I have.


Founded by industry veterans, GSI Exchange is a leading national coin and precious metals company specializing in wholesale trading as well as direct sales to the general public.
GSI Exchange’s management has more than 50 years of combined market know how and
a huge supplier database within the U.S. The relationships we have forged enable us to reliably offer an almost unlimited inventory of the highest-quality silver, gold, palladium and
platinum coins at the most competitive prices.