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US Financial System Preventing BANK RUNS by Closing Your Local Bank Branch

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The financial system is putting all the pieces in place to prevent BANK RUNS by closing local branches and forcing online transactions!

They want your money trapped in cyber-space so they can appear to freeze because of extreme use or computer glitches - enacting a ‘Limit Down Circuit-Breaker’ as they have on Wall Street.

Just look at these letters from two US banks, one local, and one global - but the motive appears to be the same... close up shop before you come looking for cash!

The question is this... Will they ever reopen?


If you have gold or silver coins, jewelry, etc. in a bank deposit box and a branch closes down, along with your property - you cannot access it.

After a certain amount of time, according to standard bank deposit box contracts, they will assume this property is “abandoned” and will take possession.

Re-read your contract very carefully.

Better yet – go to the local branch NOW and get your deposit box property and put it in a HOME safe! Additionally, if you have any CUSIP tracked coins - YOU NEED TO EXCHANGE THEM NOW! Click Here to See The List>>>

The financial system is coming to a screeching halt... Now is the time to prepare.

Non-CUSIP Gold & Silver is being hoarded, and delays are imminent, we should strike while the supply-chain has minimal interruptions from a potential nationwide quarantine.

Call us at 833-BANK-411 for more details!


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