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Video: Experts Think Gold Will Hit $50k By 2022

gold inflation
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EDITOR NOTE: To make a claim that gold will hit upwards of $50,000 an ounce by 2022--a 2,600% increase--may seem ludicrous even if someone explained the rationale behind such a forecast in a summative manner. Such a claim warrants much more than that--one that covers each detail to show how every argument connecting to another might be convincing, that such an outcome is indeed viable. The video below shows you exactly how $50k an ounce of gold can come about. It has everything to do with gold revaluation as a last-ditch effort to deal with our unsustainable $28 trillion national debt. We hear a lot about how “zombie” companies were created thanks to the Fed. Well, Uncle Sam himself is insolvent. Yet, the very fact that he’s still functioning puts him in that “unnatural” category, which is one endpoint of the artificial fiat system itself. Intrinsic value can restore a more natural balance and state of monetary affairs. It also may be Uncle Sam’s last resort. So, does a revaluation seem outlandish? Once pushed to extremes--as we are now--any viable solution that places the country in an advantageous position is a viable solution, no matter how extreme a solution it may appear. 

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Link to video discussing legal action

Originally posted by George Gammon

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