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Video: Is Hyperinflation A Possibility In The U.S.?

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EDITOR NOTE: Didn’t the Fed just warn us about deflation, and isn’t that why it's looking to overshoot its 2% inflationary target? So, how is it that several pundits are now warning about inflation and even hyperinflation as a possibility, many invoking the image of the Weimar Republic to describe what’s happening in our country? Many investors are not quite sure what to make of it, particularly the latter (Weimar hyperinflation), whether it’s hyperbole or a legitimate comparison. George Gammon from the Rebel Capitalist Show explains how to put the puzzle pieces together to get a clear forecast of what appears to be a rather treacherous economic storm on the horizon. It all starts with the unprecedented surge in the M2 money supply, and how its creation rather than reallocation is what will be responsible for the chaos that lay ahead.

NTD asked George Gammon from the Rebel Capitalist show if hyperinflation, when the price of goods and services skyrocket and the value of dollars disintegrate, is possible in the United States.

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Originally posted on NTD

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