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Video: Ron Paul Explains Why The Fed is Pushing Inflation

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EDITOR NOTE: As Ron Paul says in this video, lots of people in the middle class need the forthcoming stimulus check, and indeed they really do. But it’s not because there’s a shortage of money; it’s because there’s a shortage of value in their dollars, and it's distorting the price of goods along with people’s perception of the economy at large. He’s talking about inflation, the fear of which has been roiling the markets recently, as yields have been shooting up and down unpredictably despite the Fed’s efforts to keep them steadily suppressed. The following interview is a comprehensive 360-degree “conversation” on the topic of inflation. In 2020, we saw the money supply shoot up at an unprecedented rate. The effects on the economy are about to be unleashed, not unlike the analogical scenario of downing an entire bottle of vodka at a bar in one go and waiting for the inebriation and, eventually, the violent sickness that follows. The conversation goes beyond pushing inflation and the dollar, eventually taking a critical look at the risks posed by the IMF’s “reserve currency,” the SDR (Special Drawing Rights). Specifically, it explains how SDRs can unleash a wave of inflation across the entire globe, bankrupting countries while boosting the wealth of a small population within the elite ranks of its membership. If you care about sound money and the preservation of your wealth, you certainly will want to watch this video if only to get a well-rounded view as to what’s plaguing our economy now and the threats it faces in the near-term future.

Originally posted on RonPaulLibertyReport via YouTube

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