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Virtual Executive Programme Training Announced for Oct 2021

Executive Programme
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EDITOR NOTE: Investing in any asset for the long-term is a simple act stemming from a simple decision. You invest in something or not. No “smart money” person can ever predict the future. Obviously, there’s a big element of speculation in any investment. It’s an odds game, and either something will give you a positive return, or a negative one. Because there’s no way to know if any given asset will do well, let alone survive, the next few decades, you conscientiously diversify your risk by investing in other assets. Gold is an asset that serves as a hedge, store of monetary value, and a means for growth. The odds that it’ll retain value is supported by current central bank accumulations, and if that’s not good enough for you, try its 5,000-year history as “money.” But perhaps you need more info to justify your purchase of non-CUSIP gold coins or bars. Maybe you’ll feel more confident about your decision if you underwood the macroeconomic factors driving gold’s long-term trend. If that’s the case, read the following article. It will lead you to a series of educational videos on the dynamics surrounding the yellow metal. Again, gold investment (as with any investment) is a simple game spreading out your risks. If you know the serious risks the economy is facing, you’d have no need to second guess your hedge.

The Executive Programme in Gold Reserves Management is the World Gold Council’s flagship training programme for central banks. Traditionally, the programme is a 2-3 day on-site event featuring academics, industry experts, and central bankers sharing their expertise on gold. The global pandemic forced us to postpone the 2020 programme to this year.

We are pleased to announce that the Executive Programme will return on 6 October 2021 in a virtual format. The event is offered in conjunction with the University of Cambridge Judge Business School and is limited to central banks and official institutions only.

In anticipation of the virtual event, we are launching a series of videos which review some of the core components of the Executive Programme. The first video, which reviews the central bank case for gold, is available below. Other videos will be launched on a monthly basis, covering topics including drivers of gold, gold reserve operations, the changing international monetary system, and accounting for monetary gold.


All of the Executive Programme videos will be hosted on a learning portal that is available here: Executive Programme portal 

Please keep an eye out for a new video each month.

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