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Want to Keep Gold in Your IRA at Home? It’s Not Exactly Legal.

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If You Have a Precious Metals IRA, Please Read Carefully...

Recently our friends at the Wall Street Journal featured an article that contained stern warnings against the "Home Storage IRA" model being pushed by many gold firms. The article was titled, "Want to Keep Gold in Your IRA at Home? It’s Not Exactly Legal". It featured several legal and IRS opinions suggesting that these accounts require a bank regulated trust relationship in order to be valid.

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With a $20 trillion dollar American debt looming, it is understandable to want to self-insure against tumultuous markets. Our economy is susceptible to bank failures, market crashes and hyper-inflation  that has never been seen before. However, governments  become desperate in times like these. Protect yourself from potential fees, penalties and stress by assuring that your IRA is bulletproof!

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