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President of The World? Watch Xi Jinping Speak At The Davos Agenda

Xi Jinping Davos
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EDITOR NOTE: It's fascinating to watch China's President Xi Jinping's statement at the Davos summit and Klaus Schwabs' fondness for him, likening him to President of the World. Xi notes, "To slip into arrogant isolation, will always fail" (a dig at the US? - see 31:23 mark), and how, "We should all join hands unified in multilateralism." Xi addresses the importance of diversity, cultural differences, the risk of intolerance and inequity, and the importance of joint action to better humanity. It almost sounds like the values that many Americans would support. According to Xi, the solution to achieving human progress is global coordination--which from his perspective boils down to centralized planning and total government control. We agree with Xi that all cultures, localities, and countries are different and that coordination might present some favorable opportunities. But his model of coordination advocates the rule of a few over the many. Such a model may work (or perhaps even be necessary) within a single country (like China, perhaps). But on a global scale, such "humanist" intentions can't mask the greed for power that lies at its very core. Pay attention to this seemingly growing movement advocated by those who support the IMF and World Economic Forum agenda. If it continues to gain steam, especially amongst Americans, then your freedom and wealth may be at stake. Fortunately, you can always hedge the "wealth" part by investing in non-CUSIP gold and silver. The "freedom' part is a bit more complicated.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is speaking at Davos Agenda, a virtual event organized by the World Economic Forum, joined by the organization’s founder Klaus Schwab.

Originally posted on CNBC

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