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We Can't Keep Ignoring Currency Debasement or Inflation

currency debasement
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EDITOR NOTE: If you’ve ever built or managed a business, you know the value of having experts on your team. You can’t know everything, certainly when it comes to matters requiring specialized knowledge. So, you trust your experts. If they consistently give you bad advice, enough to hurt your company, you can always fire them. The same doesn’t apply to your money. Bad advice can set you back years in financial losses. And any advice that doesn’t take into account real risks, or how to situate your portfolio amid dangerous economic conditions, is bad advice. But if you follow mainstream pundits, or even if you have a financial advisor who gives you bad advice, there’s no amount of “firing,” proverbial or real, that can save you. By the end of the day, they will collect a profit, while you may find yourself giving back years of profits. There’s no reciprocity there. Right now, mainstream opinion tells you not to worry about inflation; that it’s transitory, as the Fed likes to say. If you believe them, then good luck.

"We will have massive problem with inflation very soon," urges The Big Reset author Willem Midddelkoop, emphasizing the gravity of inflation and currency debasement. “The fund managers looking after all this money can't ignore it anymore— so it’s going to get very interesting,” he tells our Daniela Cambone.

Originally posted on Stanberry Research

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