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West Point Video Featuring The Science Of Humans In War

Simulated Conflict
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EDITOR NOTE: Around 2.6 million years ago, our human ancestors discovered that the difference between tools and weapons was largely qualitative: anything that can have the force of a projectile--whether stone, stick, or anything of practical use--can be turned into a weapon. Fast forward to today’s scientific tools, the field of psycho-neurobiology presents mind blowing prospects for the reading, interpreting, and “controlling” of brain signals. These new tools can also be used as weapons, both for and against the user. The technology currently being developed to manipulate the brain and mind is taking place on a “cellular” level. It can be used not only for surveillance purposes but also for establishing a certain degree of control. Sooner or later, such technologies might be injectable into the body, with or without the subject knowing. This is the sickness of centrist ideology embedded into your physical being. This is the more inconspicuous side of transhuman de-naturement. Might you soon find yourself a medical experiment for the government or some nefarious institution? How would you know?

Dr. Charles Morgan speaks to cadets and faculty at West Point about a range of topics, including psychology, neurobiology, and the science of humans at war. Dr. Morgan's neurobiological and forensic research has established him as an international expert in post-traumatic stress disorder, eyewitness memory, and human performance under conditions of high stress.

The event was organized and hosted by the Modern War Institute at West Point.


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