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What Is Wrong With The Pricing System For Gold And Silver?

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EDITOR'S NOTE: Keith Neumeyer, President and CEO of First Majestic Silver, joins Palisades Gold Radio host Tom Bodrovics to discuss if the current pricing system for gold and silver is broken. Neumeyer explains that if you are “part of the system,” like the banks, “you love it.” For miners or investors, though, he believes the system is broken. He says that other markets, like the ones for uranium and oil, are much better and more supply and demand-driven. Neumeyer points to the COMEX as the problem because “when you can write a billion ounces worth of silver in a single day when the miners are only producing 800 million ounces in a full year, that shows you there’s a problem.” Neumeyer and Bodrovics go on to have a wide-ranging conversation about the state of precious metals in 2021 and beyond. One interesting thing the silver CEO says is that, as much potential as there is in silver right now, he sees more opportunities in gold. 

Originally posted on YouTube.

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