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Why Are Silver Prices Down? Silver Seeker Asks Coin Shops

silver prices down
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EDITOR'S NOTE: If we took prices at nominal value, then silver would certainly be a poor hedge: it’s falling at a period when inflation is skyrocketing. So why are silver prices down when inflation is hitting a 40-year high? The following video is one of the more entertaining and certainly one of the most informative curations we’ve posted. Silver prices are declining if viewed from the perspective of the dollar. But therein lies the illusion. Is the dollar really strengthening (against silver), or is the dollar falling at a pace that’s slower than other currencies? Why is it that the selling volume we’ve seen recently is equivalent to 8 years of production? And are those sales physical or paper sales? That’s a rhetorical question because only the latter allows one to go short the silver market. So, if those “short sales” strengthen the dollar, who else besides the sellers benefit from this plunge cycle? If you hold silver and are having doubts, or if you’re looking to purchase silver, then you can’t miss this video.

Source: Silver Seeker on YouTube

Originally published by Silver Seeker on YouTube.

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