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Why Silver Products Prices May Surge

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The outlook for silver products is bright—with demand for precious metals on the rise, investment demand is sure to follow. As the health of the global economy and stock markets appear to be deteriorating, many investors are hedging their portfolio with silver products—and for good reason.

Investors are paying attention to the growing industrial need for silver and other precious metals, making it difficult for suppliers to keep up. This is due to a decline in production across the globe, caused by lower silver prices. When prices were decreasing, producers made cuts—in the United States alone, silver mine production dropped around eight percent in 2015. Even worse—in Canada, production declined more than 22 percent. The trends followed suit across the other significant silver producers around the world.

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While central banks across the globe are forcing negative interest rates and economies struggle, industrial demand for silver is poised to rise. Experts posit that while demand increases, the pricing on this currently undervalued metal is bound to surge. We will most likely see substantial growth in this market over coming months—especially if output continues to plummet, resulting in suppressed supply. Now could be the perfect time to invest in this previous metal, as the potential for significant gains across a short period of time are high.

At major mints around the world, this is proving to be a fact—silver sales are rising steadily, if not already surging. The United States Mint sold more than eight million ounces of silver in American Eagle coins as of mid-February—indication of another record-breaking year on the horizon. One of the largest in the world, the Perth Mint, reported a jump of 151.5 percent from a year ago. These are incredible sales figures, especially considering that silver prices are down.

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