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Will Gold Hit $100,000 Soon?

gold market drop
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EDITOR'S NOTE: Western sanctions have set the Russian ruble on freefall. American businesses, along with those of other allied countries, have closed shop within the rogue nation’s borders. And earlier this week, President Biden announced a ban on Russian oil; a move aimed at limiting Russia’s capacity to fund its war on Ukraine. Russia is finding itself increasingly isolated from the West. And as the West’s punishment intensifies, its economic walls closing in, Putin seems to have very few options besides escalating the conflict. However, one unorthodox option that some analysts are looking at is the conversion of Russian oil to gold. How would that work, exactly? The video below explores the mechanics of such a trade. It’s a long shot. But if desperate conditions prompt Russia to consider desperate means, then such a conversion makes sense. And if Russia does move forward with it, meaning that oil would reprice gold, then is it even conceivable, as the analysts below explain, that gold would soon hit $100,000? Watch the video and decide for yourself if the rationale makes sense. 

Originally published on YouTube via George Gammon.

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