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Will Humans Be Implanted with Microchips by 2026?

Implanted with Microchips
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EDITOR NOTE: There’s an old 1970s rock song that ends with a classic line, repeated several times, “History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man.” The idea of harnessing “nature” is as old as humankind itself. But the idea of aggressively altering humankind’s biological makeup, as our technologies may allow us to do today, is something without history, without any data to accurately forecast what that might mean for us in the future. The critical question always to ask is “who has the authority” to direct and manage humanity’s alteration? If you are implanted with microchips somewhere in your body, who might have access to your data, and would such a thing be permissible? If the digital realm is prone to centralized control and external intrusions (think: cyber hackers), is your physical body a domain subject to control, surveillance, and access by a governing institution? Is it permissible for your physical being to be a battleground between a centralized government and hackers who want, for one reason or another, access to you via biodigital implants? Such a future is possible. And as the World Economic Forum sees it, your biological being--in other words, your humanity--is a “resource,” as in potential capital, or better yet, “property.”

From a 2016 interview with Klaus Schwab, boss of the World Economic Forum in Davos, in which he says humans will have a chip implanted in their brain or skin within 10 years.

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