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YouTube Michael Jaco Says Be Ready For High Level Arrests

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EDITOR NOTE: This curated video serves as a warning to our readers. There are many corrupt  actions taking place in government and across the banking system that seem so outlandish that they’re hardly believable. Much of it may lack hard evidence simply because they’re covered up. These actions are often dismissed as “conspiracy theories,” though there may be more truth to them than speculation. We try our best to expose these actions. However, focusing on conspiracy theories that have no basis in common sense, such as the video we’re about to show, only takes your attention away from the more probable and perilous events taking place (the ones we try our best to expose). Is it true that Obama and Biden are currently under arrest or detainment? Is a “rightful” right-wing coup taking place right now in government? Perhaps this is something that supporters of the far right would like to see. We get it. But is it really happening? Believe it or not, there are many people who have bypassed their reasoning capacity to give in to false beliefs, such as those who follow and spread the message in this video. Meanwhile, true corruption goes by, unnoticed.

The bubble of the left is breaking and with it will come major disruptions and possible violence. Have a plan.

Originally posted by Michael Jaco

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