gsi exchange
About Us

An Established Record of Excellence

Founded by industry veterans, GSI Exchange is a leading national coin and precious metals company specializing in wholesale trading, establishment of a gold IRA or silver IRA for individual investors, as well as direct sales to the general public. GSI Exchange's management has more than 40 years of combined market experience and a huge supplier database within the U.S. The relationships we have forged enable us to reliably offer an almost unlimited inventory of the highest-quality silver, gold, palladium and platinum coins at the most competitive prices.

Why GSI Exchange?

Understanding the values of limited strike bullion and coins that we recommend has always been our focus. While most dealers offer coins that are easily available, we on the other hand, carefully monitor the moving markets for items that offers high promise and value for you. Our reputation within the industry and our unsurpassed record for reliability allows us to trade with almost all dealers and suppliers. This flexibility has enabled us to provide a huge inventory, at the same time ensuring that we are not locked into any imposed price structure. Resulting in, plainly put, better prices, better coins, and better buybacks compared to what you will see elsewhere.

Our mission is for you to meet complete satisfaction with every transaction with GSI. To the best of our knowledge, there isn't a major coin dealer set up to offer so much knowledge, discretion and attentive service to a client, regardless of the portfolio size. This is why, we are happy to say that, a GSI client is usually a client for life!