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Signs of Trouble In Both The U.S. And Global Economy Are Multiplying

Daniel Plainview | September 23, 2022
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A Tough Year Has Investors Seeking Refuge In Cash

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The Mining Industry Will See Cost Pressures Sticking Around Next Year

Economic News | Noteworthy

Buffett Indicator Warns of a Stock Market Crash

Jamie Dimon Warns Policymakers Should Be Prepared For The Worst

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jamie Dimon warns that the economic uncertainties we face are even more unpredictable than most lawmakers...
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Biden Administration Releases Information On Digital Currency Framework

EDITOR'S NOTE: Earlier in the week, we curated a piece on President Biden’s digital currency framework. Let’s revisit...
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Why Did Major U.S. Retailers Cancel Billions In Orders Ahead of The Holiday Season?

EDITOR’S NOTE: Why are retailers canceling orders right before the holidays? It’s the exact opposite of what businesses typically...
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Biden's Latest Climate Appointee Comes From CCP-Controlled University

EDITOR'S NOTE: Let’s cut to the main point of the article’s message: President Biden is appointing a “commie”...
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SocGen Keeps Gold In Their Portfolio While Reducing Overall Commodity Exposure

EDITOR'S NOTE: When mainstream-minded investors turn away from gold in light of the Fed’s aggressive rate hikes, we...
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The Global Economy Is Having To Pay For A Strong U.S. Dollar

EDITOR'S NOTE: “A sharp blade that cuts the world”—that’s how Chinese state media describes the US dollar. And...
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Data Shows That Inflation Is Not Easing Despite What Biden Says

EDITOR'S NOTE: When the August CPI report came in at 8.3%, there were many analysts and financial pundits...
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FedEx CEO Believes A Global Recession Is Impending

EDITOR'S NOTE: There’s something reassuring about hearing economic forecasts from those who are “on the ground,” so to...
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A Deep Recession Is Needed To Reduce US inflation, Citigroup Says

EDITOR'S NOTE: If what Citigroup is saying is that “the only place to hide is in US dollar...
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The Biden Administration's Skewed Idea of How The Economy Is Doing

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Biden economy is a political game more so than a sincere economic engagement, so it...
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What Does Capitalism Really Mean?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Despite living in a capitalistic society, many Americans still don’t fully understand what capitalism means, and...
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China And Russia Attempt To Take Over The Oil Market

EDITOR'S NOTE: China and Russia oil/gas markets comprise the next battleground against global dollar hegemony. Sanctions against Russia...
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Silver Has Underperformed Gold This Year, But That Could Change Soon

EDITOR'S NOTE: The silver to gold hierarchy has a serious blind spot. Silver hasn’t been getting much love...
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Legendary Investor Stanley Druckenmiller Warns a Decade of Flat Trading Could Be Ahead

EDITOR'S NOTE: Nobody likes a flat market. Investors can’t make money when prices are fluctuating up and down...
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Biden's Plan For Crypto Regulation

EDITOR'S NOTE: Biden’s conditions to give crypto the green light. Say what you will about crypto and all...
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