Market Recap


The Three Game-Changing Market Events for Gold (Week Ending 12.8.2023)

Wells Fargo Forecasts A Decline In The US Dollar

Dollar in Decline: What to Expect in 2024, According to Wells Fargo (Week Ending 12.1.2023)

Will March 2024 Bring The Next Financial Crisis?

Will March 2024 Bring The Next Financial Crisis?

Central banks add more gold

Gold's Defiance: Unfazed by Consumer Sentiment and Inflation, is it Time to Trust Gold Again? ( Week Ending 11.10.2023)

Gold Surges Past $2,000 on Lackluster U.S. Job Growth

The Gold Trail: A Daily Journey Through the Week's Market (week ending 11.3.2023)

economic prosperity mirage

Economic Prosperity or Mirage? Deciphering Market Realities (week ending 10.27)

GSI Exchange & Texas

GSI Exchange Bolsters Investor Protection. GSI Exchange is different according to Texas State Security Board Commissioner.

housing drags gold

Housing Drags Gold as Economic Concerns Weigh on Precious Metals (week ending 10.20)

Israel-Hamas Conflict Impact

Gold's Resilience Amid Geopolitical Turmoil: Israel-Hamas Conflict Impact (week ending 10.13)

US Great Depression

Navigating Economic Challenges: US Resemblances to the Great Depression (week ending 10.06)

impending government shutdown

Impending Government Shutdown: Economic Storm Ahead (week ending 9.29)

uaw strike auto industry

UAW Strike: Potential Ripple Effects on the Auto Industry and the Rest of the Economy (ending week 9.22.2023)

inflation expectation

Sideways Dollar, Inflation Reports, and Consumer Sentiment Shape Gold and Silver Markets (week ending 9.15)

Deutsche bank's warning

What Wall Street Isn’t Telling You About Gold and Silver (week ending 9.08.23)

1921 Morgan silver dollar with 90% silver

Insider Alert: Silver's Secret Surge Ahead? (ending 9.01.23)

precious metals

Hidden Forces Shaping Metals: Weekly Revelations (ending 8.25.23)

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