Market Recap

inflation items

As the Specter of Inflation Looms, Hedge Funds Pivot from Gold to Silver (Week Ending 02.23.2024)

silver supply shortage

Silver Prices Could be Boosted by Mexico's Ban on Open-Pit Mining (Week Ending 02.16.2024)

credit card fees

Distress Looms Large as Credit Card Delinquencies Skyrocketed Over 50% in 2023 (Week Ending 02.09.2024)

silver prices down

Silver's Bright Future: Industrial Demand to Propel Record Demand in 2024 (Week Ending 02.02.2024)

us dollar

US Dollar Ranks Last in Forbes' Top 10 Strongest Currencies as BRICS Pushes De-Dollarization Mission (Week Ending 01.26.2024)

Silver long term

Prepare For The 'Hidden Bullish Wave' Surging Through The Silver Market in 2024 (Week Ending 01.19.2024)

this recession

HSBC Warns $2,000 Level Could Buckle Under USD Strength (Week Ending 01.12.2024)

hard landing

The Erosion of Dollar Supremacy and the Emergence of Global Currency Alternatives (Week Ending 1.05.2024)

The Currency War

BRICS' Masterstroke In The Currency War Against The US Dollar (Week Ending 12.29.2023)


Trump's Supreme Court Lifeline Dwindles Amidst Hidden Agendas (Week Ending 12.22.2023)

Gold Surges Past $2,000 on Lackluster U.S. Job Growth

The Enigmatic Gold Market's Unwavering Hold Amidst Puzzling U.S. Economic Signals (Week Ending 12.15.2023)


The Three Game-Changing Market Events for Gold (Week Ending 12.8.2023)

Wells Fargo Forecasts A Decline In The US Dollar

Dollar in Decline: What to Expect in 2024, According to Wells Fargo (Week Ending 12.1.2023)

Will March 2024 Bring The Next Financial Crisis?

Will March 2024 Bring The Next Financial Crisis?

Central banks add more gold

Gold's Defiance: Unfazed by Consumer Sentiment and Inflation, is it Time to Trust Gold Again? ( Week Ending 11.10.2023)

Gold Surges Past $2,000 on Lackluster U.S. Job Growth

The Gold Trail: A Daily Journey Through the Week's Market (week ending 11.3.2023)

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