Silver Bar 100 oz.

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  • Contains 100 oz of .999+ fine Silver.
  • Bars are randomly selected from a variety of brands and shapes based upon inventory available.
  • Packaging may vary but all come in protective cardboard boxes.
  • Diverse mix of Silver bars from numerous manufacturers such as Sunshine Minting, JM and many others.
  • Designs vary, which can add some collectibility.

Silver is recognized as the oldest mass-produced form of currency, dating as far back as 612 BC.

100 oz Silver bars are also popular among investors who desire a “hedge” against currency inflation or store of value.

Because GSI Exchange is actively involved in silver trading, our pure Silver bars can often be purchased at a lower price than new, trendy Silver products.

Each 100 oz Silver bar sold by GSI Exchange is tested for Silver content and purity.

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