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$14 Trillion Floods Market In Global Liquidity - Dow Tops 30k

Dow 30
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EDITOR NOTE: Yesterday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached 30,000 for the first time in history. Amid global uncertainty resulting from the pandemic, can we say that the Dow’s significant milestone reflects the strength of the American economy? Or is it a reflection of the Federal Reserve’s power to manipulate asset values? There’s a huge difference. Only one tells a story about the economy’s resilience. The other tells a story about its demise.

Mission Accomplished?

Dow 30

For the first time ever, The Dow Jones Industrial Average has reached 30,000 (and all it took was $14 trillion in global liquidity)...

That's quite a run...and quite an inflection after Nixon and Greenspan...

It turns out Barron's cover in January 2017 was not a curse after all...

Or its cover in January 2020...

Dow 30

Because, it's not the economy, stupid!!

It's The Fed and their global central planning pals!!

Dow 30

So, when do we reach Dow 300,000?

Originally posted on ZeroHedge

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