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A Few Key Triggers for a Long-Term Gold Bull Market

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We are at a unique point in history. A number of global factors are converging that may cause gold prices to explode in value. The potential magnitude of this price movement may send gold’s value to levels unseen in over 50-years! Let’s take a look at some of the key factors at play, exploring how they might push the price of gold skyward.

Banks are Recognizing the Value in Gold

In their most recently released recommendations, The Bank for International Settlements (BIS), known as, “the bank of all central banks”, classified gold as a 0% risk asset. In making this statement, the BIS officially recognizes gold as money, if not in policy, then by intent. It’s a real change of tune from when the  BIS had a vested interest in denying the true value of gold in favor of artificial fiat currencies like the US dollar.

And it’s not just the “bank of banks” who are showing signs that gold is on the rise. Central banks around the world are ridding themselves of  US dollars to invest in gold. Countries like Iran, Venezuela, and especially Russia are buying massive amounts of gold, partly to lessen the effects of US sanctions, partly to dethrone the US dollar, and partly to strengthen the value of their own currency. These banking signs all point to the upcoming gold rise.

Remember, even the smallest accumulation of gold by the central bank of a small country may be large enough to move the gold market.  Several central banks buying at once can exert significant upside pressure for the yellow metal.

China’s Gold-for-Oil Arsenal is a Legitimate Economic Threat

In response to the escalating US-China trade war, China has decided to start phasing out their reliance on the US dollar. They are doing this by using gold to buy oil which will, in turn, allow them to bypass the US Petrodollar. Not only might this rewrite the rules of global trade, particularly among the US’s Mideast allies, but it also constitutes yet another huge step toward the re-monetization of gold.

Trump Supports Gold and May Take Steps to Reintroduce Gold Into the Monetary System

Trump has always been a big fan of gold and a not-so-big fan of the Federal Reserve. His policies may also be showing that he’s willing to walk the walk. Among Trump’s economic advisors, such as Judy Shelton who advocates backing US Treasuries with gold,  and Fed allies, there are a number of pro-gold advocates in the crowd.

The Fed’s monetary manipulations have put them at an awkward position--not having enough room to counter another recession while being saddled with the massive national debt. Contrary to their initial program of clearing their balance sheet it appears that the Fed may be, once again, lowering interest rates. Keeping interest rates artificially low which is always a huge boon for gold.

Gold Mining Companies are Combining and Gaining Strength

2019 is set to be a record year for mergers and acquisitions in the gold mining industry. There haven’t been any huge gold mine discoveries in recent years, and gold discovery operations may be financially prohibitive due to the decline of gold prices. So companies are combining.

Right now physical gold as well as gold stocks are still at value prices, so now big companies are pouring Billions of dollars to scoop up these gold miners, positioning themselves to reap the benefits that are coming with the impending gold explosion.

These are just a few of the factors at play that signals a massive boom in gold.

Other factors such as gold-backed cryptocurrencies on the rise, the Democrats’ embrace of socialism, and the devaluation the dollar are all the more reason to position yourself now.

At this point in history, buying gold is not just about seeking a safe haven. It’s not just about investing in sound money. Gold is in a position to outperform all other assets in terms of capital growth.

Don’t be caught in a financial disaster when the dollar recedes. Be prepared. Reap the rewards. Hedge your portfolio with physical gold or coins, whether to protect your money, increase your money, or both.

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