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American Chaos: Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Dream Goes Viral

Capitol Coup
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EDITOR NOTE: This story is about a pastor who’s gone viral for a prophetic vision that’s slowly materializing. Okay, call him a prophet, a nut, or a “fool.” If you stop at that, you’re missing the point. The figure of the “court jester” has always been wiser than most, even kings. How so? Fools are “foolish” enough to think beyond the static averages. In other words, they can imagine fat tailed risks. Such risks are highly infrequent, but when they do occur, their damage can be severe. Given everything happening in the world, shouldn’t we be thinking about these risks--not out of paranoia but out of prudence (and with a dose of objectivity)?

Come November, his listeners will find out whether Dana Coverstone is prophetic or, as he remarked, idiotic. The Kentucky pastor has gone viral on YouTube recounting two alarming dreams, one in December and another last month.

In his video, which has spawned much hate mail, as well as commentary for and against Coverstone, the preacher and family man disavows being any kind of prophet, then proceeds to recount what he dreamt.

In both swoons, he saw a calendar being flipped and a hand underlining and thrice tapping certain months: March and June in the December dream, and September in the June vision. And in the latter, after the finger underlined November thrice, a fist punched and exploded the calendar. Over and over in the dreams, a voice intoned: “Brace yourself. Brace yourself.”

The December dream appears to predict the rapid spread of the coronavirus disease 2019, or Covid-19, in America since March, and the June protests in major cities over the death of African American George Floyd in the custody of Minnesota police.

In his sleep, Coverstone saw people flocking to hospitals, doctors with syringes, patients on ventilators, vultures flying over cities, and protesters marching as people hunkered down at home with guns. There were also newspaper headlines on the pandemic and the protests (see his video at

He told men in his congregation about the first dream back in December. Now, after seeing events unfold as he had dreamt, he went public with the June vision to warn his fellow Americans and Christians.

‘I saw absolute chaos’

Pastor Dana, who has great love and dedication for his ministry, keeps up with global events by reading 40 newspapers from around the world daily: “I’m very well-read. I’m very understanding of how nations work. I’ve traveled quite a bit, and I’m not just making these things up.”

Right after his June dream, he took notes and videos after waking up with elevated blood pressure. He recalls seeing a white figure: “To me, it was representing God the Holy Spirit (Third Person of the Blessed Trinity) — something pure, something righteous, something holy.”

Then, after the fist exploded the calendar, he says, “I saw armed protesters … fighting in the streets … people pummeling one another. I saw businesses shuttered and shot at. I saw schools closed [and] schoolrooms with cobwebs hanging in them and papers falling off the walls.”

He also speaks of “politicians in back rooms making deals [and] patting people on the back and laughing and smirking … Washington D.C. blazing … fires everywhere … people being rounded up … people hiding in their homes and garages … churches [and] homes being burned. I saw absolute chaos.” And no signs of national leadership. Even the minting of coins has stopped.

In what may seem unreal and unthinkable, Coverstone dreamt of Chinese soldiers ordered by Russian officers to round up people and secure areas, as well as blue-helmeted United Nations peacekeeping troops. Probably symbolic, the vultures in the first dream were now gargoyles hovering 10 feet in the air, snatching up people. Also likely to be allegorical, roofs come off bank buildings, and cash streams up and out, as if sucked out by vacuum cleaners in the sky.

Prophetic or preposterous?

What does one make of Pastor Dana’s dreams? In videos and interviews, he comes across as merely sharing his experience with no pretensions or ulterior agenda. A former classmate in Bible college, who has since studied eschatology or end-time prophecies, attests to Coverstone’s integrity and humility: “I would trust anything he tells me.”

Several leading American preachers take the pastor seriously in their discussions, including Cindy Jacobs, who had prophesied on the Philippines and other Asian nations, and Norm Franz, a former investment economist who turned to Biblical and eschatological studies decades ago.

That God gives warnings to humanity is well attested in Scripture, starting with His instruction for Noah to build an ark before the great flood. The Old Testament is replete with prophecies about Jesus Christ, who himself predicted events like the destruction of Jerusalem in the year 70, not to mention his return in the end times.

Modern-day prophecies are also part of Christian beliefs. Marian devotees believe the Blessed Virgin appeared many times to warn of chastisements, like the Second World War and Russian communism, predicted in her 1917 apparitions in Fatima, Portugal.

Psychoanalysts may wonder if Pastor Dana’s decades of daily global news might have filled his mind with stories and events that then turned up in his dreams, like contagion, protests, riots, soldiers, school, and business shutdowns, and burning structures. Yes, there is room to doubt his visions, which God allows to leave room for faith in heeding His messages.

At the same time, what Coverstone warns of is well within the possible. With many millions of Americans bearing arms and resisting authority, gun-toting protesters facing troops could well happen. The World Health Organization and other medical authorities have warned that the pandemic could rage till next year. And if disease and rioting immobilize Washington D.C., key United States government services like currency and security could be interrupted, though that seems far-fetched.

In pondering Pastor Dana’s dreams, the Word of God is an indispensable guide. The Acts of the Apostles (2:17-18) says: “And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men dream dreams.” Some scholars see the verse as referring not just to Apostolic times, but to the end times.

And in today’s Sunday Mass reading, the Acclamation extols how God “revealed to little ones the mysteries of the kingdom,” surely including prophecies. And our Lord, speaking in parables, warns that in the end, weeds are burnt and wheat is gathered up in the barn.

Whether or not Pastor Dana dreamt prophetically, there is much for America and the world to answer for. Let’s all prepare for judgment.

Originally posted on Manila Times

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