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FNC’s Carlson: ‘As We Fight This Virus, We Are Becoming Far More Like the Country That Spawned It’

Virus Fight
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EDITOR'S NOTE: Thank you Tuck, for dropping truth bombs and speaking out against censorship, violation of the Constitution and for pointing out that while we do need to make common sense (emphasis added) temporary adjustments to combat this virus, we need to balance those adjustments with reason, rationality and a concentrated effort to resume normalcy as quickly as possible... based on facts and reason.

Thank you Doctors - for speaking out as well. Godspeed gentlemen.


Tuesday, during his show’s monologue, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson decried Big Tech, as YouTube removed a video earlier in the day of two doctors from Bakersfield, CA, who held a press conference calling for the reopening of the country.

According to the Google-owned platform, the video violated its community guidelines. Carlson likened its removal to what might happen in China and argued that in the name of fighting the virus, the United States was becoming like China.

Partial transcript as follows:

CARLSON: Big companies partnering with the government to spy on you without your knowledge. Americans locked in their homes, banned from going to church, placated with sedatives like beer and weed. Anyone who speaks up is silenced. Political demonstrations are illegal. Organizers are arrested. Only opinions approved by unelected leaders are allowed on information platforms. Sound familiar? It sounds a lot like China. Of all the many ironies of this moment, so many of them bitter, the hardest to swallow is this: as we fight this virus, we are becoming far more like the country that spawned it. We’re becoming more like China. It’s horrifying.

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