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The Fungible CUSIP List - Are Your Precious Metals Being Tracked?

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Attention: If you own or are considering physical precious metals for your portfolio, please read carefully.

On Sept. 26th, 2016 the American Bankers Association and the Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures announced it started tracking a list of Fungible Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium bars and coins.

Click HERE to download the list of fungible precious metals that are now being tracked by the banks.

This will dramatically affect the Price of Coins that were previously sold as non-confiscatible/private by unruly dealers.

The term Fungible defines these products as, "Property of a good or a commodity whose individual units are capable of mutual substitution." Simplifying an interchangeable value system for coins and bars worldwide through CUSIP Global Services (CGS) essentially means, when the banking system needs to calculate your assets outside the financial system, or what they have recently labeled as "Black Money," they can now easily do so.

GSI Exchange was first to bring the list of fungible gold and silver products to the attention of precious metals owners through our affiliate networks like Absolute Rights. Since its release, we have helped many new and old customers combat the totalitarianism of their precious metals through our Asset Exchange Program. We invite you to contact our team by clicking here to download our exclusive Investors Power Guide.

Are Your Coins On The Fungible List?

Click HERE to find out or call 800-474-9159 now to speak with a GSI Exchange representative about this new tracking trend.

The people of the global economy are yearning for a quick-fix to the value erosion of fiat currencies. Traditional Government structures have been rejected by the people in Great Britain, Italy and The United States.

However, globally the banking system has the upper hand as imploding markets in Greece, Puerto Rico, Ukraine, Argentina, Belarus, Venezuela and now India are intrusively regulating their so-called "Black Money." Advancing these nations toward cashless societies, further enhancing the banking elites' power and ability to tax at will.

This is precisely why it is increasingly important to insure at least 20% of your net-worth outside of the financial system through private ownership of Gold & Silver that is not being tracked by the global banking system.

GSI Exchange is please to put our 75 years of market expertise to work for you in our exclusive brochures; The Silver Action Plan, The Power of Gold, Precious Metals IRA Guide and the US Bank Expose, all of which are free of charge and available for immediate download by clicking here.

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