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German Gold Ownership Increased 270 Tons Since 2019

Inflation Fear
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EDITOR NOTE: Did you know that private German “households”--not banks, not the government, but "private" households--own more than 9,089 tons of gold, according to the author below--more than 6% of the world’s gold reserves? Compare that with US households of which only 3% own gold.  See a big difference? Germany’s population is 25% the size of the US. Perhaps it's a lack of trust in the ECB or in the fiat system itself. Either way, Germany happens to have the largest economy in the Eurozone, and it hedges despite its strength; or its strength owes much to its inclination toward hedging. The US holds the world’s reserve currency--a seemingly “safe” position with regard to its global economic status. But as the dollar’s shine fades, the majority of the American population may end up asking, “why can’t my dollars buy much these days?” As the German population has shown us, the solution is pretty straightforward. A lack of trust--toward media (not the media you disagree with but the one that feeds you what you desire, which is mainly “untruth”), toward economic pundits, and toward politicians--can help, especially when it comes to your wealth. Remember that no species ever survived by trusting the status quo environment. 

A new study estimates that German private households own around 9,100 tons of gold. That’s 270 tons more than in 2019, according to the survey.

Gold of the Germans

If you believe the latest study commissioned by Reisebank from Berlin-based Steinbeis University, German private households own „more than 9,089 tons“ of gold. The last time corresponding data had been collected via a survey was in 2019.

At that time, the market researchers had come to 8,900 tons of German gold ownership . This would have added 189 tons. In the current study, one speaks of an increase of 270 tons.

The findings

Further findings of the latest survey:

  • German private households hold more than 6 percent of the world’s gold reserves, the equivalent of 616 billion euros at last count.
  • The share of gold bars and gold coins in this gold ownership is estimated at 41.7 percent. Total: 5,194 tons. In the 2019 study, it was still 55 percent or 4,925 tons.
  • 93.2 percent are satisfied with their gold investment (2019: 91 percent)
  • More than three-quarters of respondents plan to purchase more gold (2019: 78 percent).
  • On average, each gold investor invested €4,250 over the past two years.
  • 5 percent were first-time buyers.
  • Priority reasons given for gold investments: value preservation (43.9 percent), protection against inflation (33 percent), aesthetics (31.1 percent) and the aspect of „holding a real, value-dense investment in your hands“ (29.7 percent).
  • In the pandemic, the percentage of „Generation Z“ investors (born between 1995 and 2010) increased: from 15.6 percent to 23.3 percent.

Data collection

The data for the study entitled „Gold Investments 2021: Indicators, Motives and Attitudes of Private Individuals“ was collected as part of a telephone survey of 2,000 German citizens of legal age that is considered representative. However, with surveys of this kind, one must always question the validity of the interview results in terms of content. Who gives strangers specific information on the phone about their gold holdings, which are often stored at home?

Originally posted on Gold Reporter

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